In April 2003, the published a report called Enough Talk: An Action Plan for the Toronto Region, focusing on issues where there was a clear consensus for action and where progress could be made quickly. Since publishing Enough Talk, the has been advocating for its recommendations and working with community partners and with governments towards their implementation.

At the present time, ten implementation projects are underway or completed. They are:

Emerging Leaders Network – Launched in March 2006, the ELN is a group of rising leaders whose energy, insights and leadership enable them to benefit from and contribute to the project that is Toronto. Drawn from across the GTA, these are individuals who, in their own organizations, projects or communities, are becoming known as City Builders. Part forum, part vehicle for active collaboration and part community, the ELN aims to offer exposure to the ideas, passions, skills, challenges and connections of a group of like-minded, but very diverse peers characterized by their impetus to help Toronto succeed.

Luminato – the Toronto Festival of Arts, Culture and Creativity – Premiering in June 2007, Luminato is a unique partnership between the arts and the culturally diverse city of Toronto that will showcase the best of Canadian and international artists in theatre, contemporary and classical music, dance, visual arts, film, design, literature, architecture and more.

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council – working to improve the employment outcomes of skilled immigrants in the Toronto region through internships, mentorships, public campaigns and advocacy, improved licensing and accreditation processes, and increased government coordination.

The Toronto Region Research Alliance – bringing public and private institutions in the Toronto region together to build research excellence in our areas of strength, increase the commercialization of our research, increase venture capital financing to all areas of research and development, and market the Toronto region internationally as a premier R&D location.

The Toront03 Alliance – dedicated to post-SARS tourism recovery through a marketing campaign to bring tourists, especially Americans, back to Toronto. The mandate of Toront03 ended March 31st, 2004 at which point it partnered with the city, the province and Tourism Toronto to fund and launch a branding strategy for the city, to be completed by the end of the year.

The Affordable Housing Coalition – uniting the private and community sectors to advocate for greater access to quality affordable housing through government lobbying, public education campaigns and creative partnerships.

The Strong Neighbourhoods Task Force – articulating a vision for strong neighbourhoods in Toronto, establishing benchmarks to assess neighbourhood health, define the role and value of community infrastructure, recommend the principles, potential scope and purpose of a tripartite agreement between all levels of government to mobilize investment in community infrastructure in Toronto’s neighbourhoods, advocating for change.

Task Force on Income Security – On May 15, 2006, the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults (MISWAA) chaired by the Toronto City Summit Alliance () and St. Christopher House launched its report Time for a Fair Deal. The report finds that Canada’s current income security is a “smouldering crisis” and advances a set of 11 recommendations for reform. The iscurrently building the “Fair Deal Coalition” garnering broad networks of support for the report and advocating for the implementation of its recommendations.

New Deal for Toronto – Members of the are actively promoting for a new financial deal for cities, and in particular for the City of Toronto. The has been vocal about the need for a new arrangement and supports Mayor Miller in his efforts to strike a new deal.

YMCA-Toronto Alliance Youth Forum Series – On April 14, 2005, more than 100 adults, youth and volunteers came out to participate in the first YMCA – Toronto Alliance Youth Forum. This inaugural event brought youth from the Rexdale neighbourhood together with adults from a variety of business, non-profit, political and academic backgrounds to meet face to face and talk about the issues facing youth and their aspirations for the future.