“I think there is a grassroots realization (that) the underfunding of all these front is undermining their quality of like, and making Ontario and Canada less competitive on the global market”.
– Ann Mulvale, Mayor of Oakville

“It’s time to move to action. We’re about mobilizing action, not about re-iterating the arguments that others have made”.
– David Pecaut, Chair, TCSA

“The Toronto City Summit Alliance report Enough Talk is a strategic call to action. The recommendations reflect the collective vision of a broad spectrum of civic leaders from all sectors of society, who are united in their dedication to this city and to securing its future”.
– Dale Richmond, Chair, Toronto Board of Trade

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

“Career Bridge is an exciting and innovative initiative, and I am pleased to be a part of it. The internships offered through the program provide a way for skilled immigrants to receive Canadian work experience, and they also expose employers to the exceptional skills of newcomers to Canada. Toronto is the most multicultural city on the world and our labour market must reflect this diversity”.
– John Tory, Honorary Chair, Career Bridge

“Immigration is one of the most pressing issues facing the labour market today. Canada’s population is not increasing naturally, and our employees are aging. Immigrants have the skills and expertise to enhance and expand our labour market, and it’s critical that we break down any barriers to this integration.”
– Dominic D’Alessandro, CEO and President of Manulife Financial and
  Co- Chair of TRIEC.

Strong Neighbourhoods Task Force

“The Task Force links with a key priority area for United Way – neighbourhoods,” said Lankin. “We know there have been enormous changes in Toronto neighbourhoods. Our challenge is to ensure that Toronto’s neighbourhoods, particularly in high needs areas, can build upon their strengths to improve the quality of life for residents.”
– Frances Lankin, President and CEO, United Way of Greater Toronto

Affordable Housing Coalition

“It’s encouraging that in our recent meetings the Ontario and federal governments have recognized the problem, but recognition alone will not solve the affordable housing crisis. Now we need the voice of the citizens and a financial commitment by the Ontario and federal governments for rent supplements and new units.”
– David Crombie, President and CEO, Canadian Urban Institute and Co-Chair, TCSA Affordable Housing Coalition

“We recognise this agenda can be achieved only through the joint efforts of all levels of government and the corporate and community sectors. We’re here to make that happen.”
– Ed Sorbara, Principal, The Sorbara Group and Co-Chair,
  TCSA Affordable Housing Coalition


“Now is the perfect time to shape the brand . We need to take all the great attributes we have- theatre, music, the downtown and neighbourhoods- and create a brand that encompasses what a great urban experience it can be”.
– David Pecaut, Chair, TCSA

“Toronto is back”
– Mick Jagger

Toronto Region Research Alliance

“A part of this is to try and make sure that we can tell our story in cities around the world, to industrial groups…scientists, companies who might relocate to this area to enrich…our domestic economy”.
– Dr. John Evans, Chair Torstar, Co-Chair, Toronto Region Research Alliance