Take Action

Improving the Toronto region will require a joint effort on the part of citizens, organizations and politicians. This area of the site provides some tools for taking action, getting engaged and reaching out to others. The Toronto City Summit Alliance tries to act as a source of information, ideas, energy, initiative and as a neutral convener. If you are involved with a group or company that you think could be helping or its many initiatives please contact us to let us know. As an individual, there are lots of things you can do to get involved with improving Toronto:

Volunteer for a community group or agency – link to volunteer info.

Make a donation to help those in need – donations links to two great organizations assisting people in the Toronto region to lead better lives.

Take part in community events, consultations, meetings and rallies or organize your own group or event around an issue about which you feel passionately.

Contact politicians to let them know the future of Toronto is important to you.

Sign up for the newsletter and action alerts to stay informed and hear about ways to get engaged