Volunteer Info

There are many wonderful volunteer opportunities in the Toronto region, offering the chance to get involved with your community and your city. The Toronto City Summit Alliance and its initiatives do not typically have any volunteer opportunities available- when necessary we will be sending out calls for volunteers through our electronic newsletter and action alerts (sign up here). In this section, we provide links to several great resources for finding volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer.ca – is funded by the Government of Canada and provides resources for those wanting to volunteer and people who work with volunteers, as well as research and general information about volunteering in Canada.

The Volunteer Centre of Toronto – a prime resource in the community for the recruitment and referral of individuals and training in all areas of volunteer management. In addition to assisting many organizations to obtain qualified volunteers an important objective of the Centre is to actively promote the concept and value of volunteerism to the community and individuals.

Boardmatch Fundamentals – introduces registered charities and not for profit organizations to talented, interested and informed individuals from diverse backgrounds, willing to share their enthusiasm and expertise by serving as members of the boards and board committees of charitable organizations.

The Framework Foundation – is an emerging organization that aims to get Canadians aged 22 to 35 “into the picture”. Its first program- The Timeraiser- helps young people to find meaningful volunteer opportunities, connects agencies to young volunteers and contributes to the careers of young Canadian artists.

CharityVillage – this site encourages, supports and serves the 175,000 registered Canadian charities and nonprofit organizations, and the millions of professionals, staffers, volunteers, and donors who make this sector such an important part of our national fabric. The site has an extensive and searchable volunteer opportunity board.